The best vehicle insurance in Australia

Every Australian driver should think about auto insurance coverage that is tailored to their individual wheels. Because each car and driver has a unique narrative, you’ll need to do some research and compare car insurance rates to pick a coverage that’s right for you. However, if you want the most comprehensive coverage for your car, you should consider comprehensive car insurance. Mozo scouted and analyzed Australia’s finest comprehensive car insurance policies for the Mozo Experts Choice Auto Insurance Awards.

Every year, Mozo’s expert assessors search for the best auto insurance coverage for Australian drivers in terms of value and quality. The judges analyzed 66 different policies in September 2020 to find the best vehicle insurance available to drivers in 2021. If you’re thinking about switching vehicle insurance providers or searching for a better bargain on your current policy, have a look at the winners listed below.

In 2021, the best vehicle insurance packages will be

1.Budget Direct

Mozo’s current Value Insurer of the Year is Budget Direct. Along with a slew of other insurance accolades, this honour demonstrates its commitment to providing consistently affordable pricing while keeping good coverage for customers.

The Gold policy contains handy benefits like rental car coverage for 14 days following a theft or not-at-fault collision, which will keep you driving smoothly. You’ll also be covered for new-for-old car replacement (if the vehicle is less than two years old or has travelled less than 40,000 kilometres), $500 in personal property coverage, and $1,000 in key replacement. Simply by applying for the policy online, you can earn a premium discount and 15% off your first year’s coverage.


For Australians who don’t drive very often, this is an excellent vehicle insurance choice. When drivers set and stick to an annual km restriction, Woolies’ Drive Less, Pay Less coverage offers premium savings. The Woolworths comprehensive policy also covers customers who use their cars to drive for ridesharing companies like Uber. Rideshare providers’ car insurance frequently does not cover damage to your own or other vehicles, so this is something to keep in mind.

This insurance also offers a new-for-old car replacement if your wheels are written off (as long as the car is under two years old), and if you apply online, you can save up to 15% on your first year’s premium.

3. Youi

Youi’s policy offers many of the versatile options you’re looking for at a consistently low cost. If you’re more than 100 kilometres from home, you can get up to $1,000 in an emergency to cover repairs without having to wait for an insurance evaluation, as well as lodging and travel. This package also includes regular emergency roadside assistance.

With Youi’s hire car insurance, you’ll be able to get back on the road after a theft or an accident in which you weren’t at fault (for up to 14 days). Youi also provides a new automobile replacement if your vehicle has been written off and is less than two years old (with less than 40,000 kilometres on the odometer). There are also a variety of excess levels to chose from ($400-$2,500). If you choose a greater excess, your premium may be lower, but keep in mind that you may have to pay a bigger amount when you make a claim before your coverage kicks in.

4. QBE

This award-winning policy will protect you against a wide range of unforeseeable disasters, including fire, theft, and severe weather, as well as flood damage. If you’re more than 100 kilometres from home, you can claim up to $500 in emergency repairs to get back on the road, as well as up to $1,000 in emergency transportation and lodging expenditures.

If your vehicle is less than three years old and has driven fewer than 60,000 kilometres, you can get a new automobile for free, which is a substantial limit compared to other comprehensive policies. If you need a rental automobile as a result of a theft or a not-at-fault collision, QBE will cover it for up to 14 days, as well as up to $1,000 in personal property damage. When you apply online, you’ll get a $75 discount on your first-year premium as a new client bonus.

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