Best Information About Suzuki Hayabusa

Suzuki hasn’t played up the magic formula very much, which is a good thing. The styling is more adaptation than revolution, and it rides similarly, but the suspension enhancements have a delightfully supple ride, and the engine’s extra grunt lets you forget about the peak power drop you’ll never have anyway.

The low-speed throttle action is snatchy, and the riding position can be cramped for tall riders. The brakes are an upgrade, but they are blunted by their circuitry, the low-speed throttle action is snatchy, and the riding position can be cramped for tall riders. Those minor quibbles aside, the 2021 Suzuki Hayabusa is still a fantastic, one-of-a-kind machine that epitomizes effortless power.

Ride quality & brakes

On the outside, KYB forks and shocks look the same, but the internals has been reworked to produce incredible effects. It doesn’t adapt well to being pulled into corners, as you’d expect from such a heavy bike, but if you finesse it from upright to maximum lean, it’s incredibly capable and sure-footed. It floats over bumps, and it’s because of this supreme ride consistency, combined with unflappable high-speed stability, reassuring weight, and creamy power delivery, that it’s so seamlessly easy over fast terrain.
In comparison to the balloon-shaped rubber found on today’s superbikes, the new Bridge stone S22 tires do have a smooth, 1990s 50-profile back, but they do a good job.


Despite the addition of several new engine components, the Hayabusa produces less peak power and torque than before. That may sound dissatisfying when you sit calmly reading this, but going flat stick on a Busa is always a lesson in cruelty and holding on for dear life in the real world.

If you’re used to riding superbikes with 200bhp or more, you’ll notice the power flattening out at the top because the claimed 188bhp will feel more like 170bhp-ish at the back wheel. On the other hand, the giant Suzuki isn’t about chasing big revs; instead, it’s about leaving sixth gear and letting heavy, meaty midrange torque woosh you along.

Suzuki Hayabusa’s tuning will be much better in 2021

When a new iteration of a long-running model is launched, the hope is that power will increase – but with the Hayabusa 2021, Suzuki has invested in an engine that produces less peak horsepower than before.
The 2021 Hayabusa is slightly less powerful right out of the box, but for a bike that has spawned a global tuning industry, it carries the promise of much more extreme results with the careful application of aftermarket components.
On two sides, Suzuki’s engine shifts its emphasis. The first step is to hit Euro5 – a two-step up from the old Busa, which was pulled from the market after failing to reach Euro4.

Reliability & Build Quality

The previous model’s stability and longevity have been praised by MCN online owners, but some finishes are weak and vulnerable to stone chips and corrosion if not properly cared for.
The new model offers more of the same, with meticulous attention to detail and electronics that are identical to the Suzuki GSX-R1000. You will buy a Hayabusa without any reservations.

Value Vs Rivals

Except for the more touring-focused and marginally cheaper standard, no-frills Kawasaki H2 SX, the 2021 Suzuki Hayabusa costs about the same as a similar spec’d base model superbike at launch, but it no longer has any immediate hyper bike rivals.


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