In India in 2021, the best 150cc motorcycles

150cc motorcycles are a common choice among Indian riders because they are the ideal combination of everyday use and efficiency. Although the best 150cc bikes in India provide excellent mileage for everyday use, the majority of these two-wheelers are also built with the thrill of riding in mind.

Furthermore, due to their small engine displacements, these motorcycles are not too expensive for their owners. They normally deliver high mileage.

Many motorcycles fall into the 150cc riding category, which is a hotly contested segment for motorcycle manufacturers. As a future owner looking to purchase a motorcycle, you should be aware of the simple list of 150cc bikes available in India.

While the best bike for you will depend on your personal preferences and goals, the best bikes in this section are described below. Note that the prices are shown are ex-showroom Delhi prices, and they can differ depending on your purchase location and additional costs.

Top 5 150cc Motorcycles in India in 2020

This list examines the best 150cc bikes in India, as well as a few models that fall into this category but do not strictly conform to this engine configuration.

1. Yamaha YZF R15 (Yamaha YZF R15)

In India, the Yamaha YZF R15 V3 (third-generation) is currently available. This luxury racing motorcycle, which is always at the top of every list of the best 150cc bikes in India, produces a maximum of 18.3 BHP and high torque of 14.1 Nm. As a prospective buyer, you should be aware that this is not a commuting vehicle.

  • 40 kmpl (miles per gallon)
  • 155cc engine capacity
  • Price: Rs.1.45 lakh (ex-showroom).

2.Yamaha YZF FZS (Yamaha YZF FZS)

This motorcycle, which is powered by a powerful engine, is known for its high performance as well as superior road grip and control. The air-cooled engine on the Yamaha YZF is capable of producing 13.2 BHP and 12.8 Nm of torque.

  • 45 kmpl (miles per gallon)
  • 149cc engine capacity
  • Price: Rs.98,000 (ex-showroom)

3.SZ-RR (Yamaha SZ)

This Yamaha motorcycle has been in operation since 2016 and has an engine that is ideal for commuting. This Yamaha trip, unlike those described above, offers incredible mileage with a maximum power of 12.1 BHP and a torque of 12.8 Nm. This motorcycle is one of the best 150cc bikes for commuting in India.

  • 45 to 50 km per liter
  • 149cc engine capacity
  • Price starts at Rs.69,000 ex-showroom.

4.150cc Suzuki Intruder

This motorcycle is equipped with a powerful and technologically advanced engine that produces 14.8 BHP. This motorcycle is easily present in any top 10 150cc bike in India list, with a torque of 14 Nm. Disk brakes and a single-channel ABS are also included on this bike.

  • 54 kmpl (miles per gallon)
  • 154.9cc engine capacity
  • Price starts at Rs.1.01 lakh ex-showroom.

5.Suzuki Gixxer

Suzuki Gixxer is a motorcycle manufactured by Suzuki. This motorcycle has a simple body package and an engine that can produce 14.8 BHP and 14 Nm of torque. Due to its easy handling and decent performance, this is one of the best 150cc bikes in India, weighing about 135 kg.

  • Mileage ranges from 40 to 54 km/l.
  • 154.9cc engine capacity
  • Price: Rs.1.1 lakh (ex-showroom).


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