BMW Highest Priced Heavy Bike

BMW R 1250 RT is a Highly Expansive Heavy bike Of BMW.  BMW R 1250 RT Bike Price Is $14000 and In Pakistan Is 23 lakh Rs. This Heavy Bike Of BMW Is Expected To Launched In India October 2021. The expected Price In India Is 2300000 to 2400000. R 1250 RT Is Perfect To Tour. R 1250 Rt customary BMW ShiftCam Boxer engine trails just as vigorously overhead mountains ways as it does above winding hill passes.

BMW R 1250 RT  Uniqueness 

BMW R 1250 RT  unique face end executes it look extra energetic and lanker. Concerning about four decades, the couple reports RT has been corresponding with relaxed driving and vacationing at the most eminent level. This BMW Heavy Bike merges luxuriously voyaging with sporty dynamics and advanced technology.

Technical Data of BMW Best Heavy bike 

Broe x Stroke;                     102.5 mm x 76mm

Capacity Of Bike;                               1255 cc

Design;                         Two-cylinder,  four-stroke boxer engine with two above spur gear pressed camshafts, BMW ShiftCam variable intake camshaft control, air-/liquid-cooled System, 1 balancer shaft.

Maximum Torque;               On 6250, 150lbs-ft

Bike Comperssion Ratio;            12.5 : 1

Nominal Capacity;                On 7750 rpm is 136HP

Fuel Preparation;                    Digital BMW-O Control Engine

Maximum Speed

Over 124mph And has the Best Eclectic System With Three-Phase Generator With 508 W Nominal Capacity. Battery Power is 12V Maintenance Free.

Clutch And Brake Review

pressure-driven activation, Wet clutch with an anti-hopping capacity. Six-speed gearbox and Drive Shaft. Double-part structure idea consisting of a central structure and a rear frame bolted to it, with a co-supporting engine. Double plate brake, drifting discs, breadth 12.6″, four-piston radial brake.


Radial Tyer BMW This Bike Has. and R 1250 RT Is not Alloy Wheel. and Dnt Has Self Start System.

Vision Of BMW To Made This Bike 

More further space, more correctness, more clarity: The unique, wide 10.25″ TFT screen consolidates all the tools of the R 1250 RT, plus effective functions such as the mariner and connectivity. The severing-screen gives you an overview of different purposes at an equal time, such as publicizing the onboard processor in a supplement to the current velocity. The color show is given extra sharpness and diversity by the robust, tempered, and non-reflective glass shelter. Your screen is accordingly apparent to read also in the midday sun.

R 1250 RT Colour

  • Alpine White
  • Metallic Green
  • Racing Blue
  • Mineral White


Height And Weight

Wet Weight;      615lbs (279kg)

Bike Seat Height;          31.7″ and 805mm

Overall Lenght;     87.5″ (2222mm)


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