Benelli BN 302 Competitors

As a learning option for newbies with A2 motorcycle licenses, the mid-range bare car market is booming. Benelli will have strong competitors entering the market, but it will fight with an infamous weapon: it’s quality/price ratio.

Hyosung GD 250 N EXIV: €3,299

The single-cylinder is of Korean descent, with modern, sporty, and even aggressive lines. The engine is the latest product in the Hyosung product catalog. It has a modern design of 250 ccs, injection, water cooling, and a multi-valve cylinder head. Logically speaking, it lags behind the Benelli two-cylinder engine in terms of delivering CV. Of course, it can reduce weight by nearly 40 kg.

Kawasaki Z 250 SL: €4,199

After many years of selling ZZR 250, Ninja 250, nd 300 ZZR, Kawasaki is one of the senior brands in this medium-sized motorcycle field. It also joins the naked ranks of this market, and when wondering whether there is a single CV lower, lighter or lighter cylinder, there are two options for the more powerful and heavier twin cylinder. The first is the Kawasaki Z 250SL, equipped with a 28-horsepower engine and weighing 148 kg.

Kawasaki Z 300: EUR 4,799

The Kawasaki Z 300 is the second nude sports choice for green brands in this segment. It inherits the chassis and mechanical principles of the sister sports fairing Ninja 300, and its body lines want to evoke the lines of the successful Z800. The 39-horsepower engine weighs 168 kilograms and is one of the most sporty bare machines at the moment.

KTM Duke 390: €4,950

A single-cylinder, the displacement is a bit larger than the competitors shown here, and most importantly, the power of 139 kg is 44 hp, which undoubtedly separates the KTM Duke 390 from other competitors. A true mid-displacement “street fighter” can speed up the weight-to-power ratio allowed by the A2 license. It is also a motorcycle with good parts circulation, which can provide the feel of a real sports car on a large scale.

Suzuki Inazuma 250: EUR 3,899

The Suzuki Inazuma is a 250cc bare metal two-cylinder engine, but it is a more classic model, which is more practical and less sporty than its competitors. It is defined as quiet, very reliable, and reasonably priced.

SYM Wolf 250i: EUR 3,499

SYM’s “quarter-liter” bare skin is set off by the body, sporty lines, and popular lines. It has a size of 250cc 25hp and has the appearance of a large motorcycle. Wave-shaped discs, blue-backlit digital photo frames, and components such as belly pans make this sporty appearance look like a good mask of its more urban nature.

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