On a mountain pass, we see the R 12t0 RS.
Two factors decide the duration of each tour: time and distance. You will get more out of any tour with the BMW R 1250 RS. The boxer engine’s 105 lb-ft torque and 136 hp propel you quickly to your cruising level. In any riding case, the revolutionary BMW ShiftCam technology provides more torque across the entire speed range, enabling you to rocket to an amazing sprint. The full-LED headlight’s revamped front gives it a new, sporty look, and it performs or rides aerodynamically into the wind. You can travel easily and comfortably at any time this way. One thing is certain: no matter how many miles you ride on the track, the R 1250 RS makes every mile more enjoyable.

It’s all systems go.
The advanced technology known as BMW ShiftCam allows you to accelerate faster from any speed. A variable camshaft control system is used to accomplish this. With the capacity increased to 1254 cc and the boost in horsepower to 136 hp, you’ll be able to make another sprint in the fast lane. The increased torque (maximum 105 lb-ft) is noticeable at all RPMs, offering the classic boxer punch and pure riding pleasure.


The BMW R 1250 RS is the sportiest twin-cylinder motorcycle from the Bavarian manufacturer. BMW claims 136 horsepower at 7,750 rpm and 105 pound-feet of torque at 6,250 rpm from a 1,254cc air/liquid-cooled boxer engine with ShiftCam variable valve timing for a flat torque distribution and smooth power delivery. The R 1250 GS/A and R 1250 GS adventure bikes, the R 1250 RT sport-tourer, and a roadster version, the R 1250 R, all use the same kit. The RS has a sporty half-faired appearance, but the ergonomics are intentionally built to be closer to neutral for comfort on long rides.

The RS provides a steady, easy, and nimble ride thanks to its smooth shaft final drive and responsive frame, which includes an adjustable 45mm fork and BMW Paralever rear suspension. Its customizable windscreen is designed to provide greater on-road comfort for riders of various sizes, while two ride modes, antilock brakes, stability control, hill-start control, LED lighting, and Bluetooth connectivity to a revised TFT monitor provides riders with a suite of settings to handle a range of road conditions.

Brakes and ride quality

The brakes have not been modified, and this is worth mentioning. Although the R1250GS and R1250RT now use Hayes front brake callipers, the R1250RS and naked R continue to use Brembos. Although the Hayes callipers have plenty of stopping power, most riders are more familiar with the Italian brand, which is well-known, well-established, and well-proven.

The bike has decent handling and can be swung around corners without too much drama despite being a little heavy. Tack intervention would be a stretch, and only the courageous would try it.

Create consistency and dependability

The R1250RS is designed with high-quality materials, and its predecessor, the R1200RS, had few problems. You get the kind of finish you’d expect from a top-of-the-line BMW. At the time of publication, we did not have any BMW R1250RS owner reviews.

When the road becomes twisty, the 536-pound RS joins in. Although it is easy to steer, its weight is noticeable in turns. Although the suspension is comfortable in a straight line, the movement is a little fast, so it’s crucial to be extra smooth at the controls to avoid instability during fast-paced riding manoeuvres. We couldn’t tell the difference between the Road and Dynamic modes because electronic suspension changes compression and rebound damping depending on vehicle load. We like the high degree of sensitivity from the brake lever or pedal, and the triple-disc ABS-enabled brakes effectively shed speed.

The required equipment

BMW’s new Dynamic ESA (semi-active suspension in plain English) is now available for the RS. The new machine automatically sets the rear preload, which is a significant change from the R1200RS.

1250 will measure the load it’s carrying and automatically compensate to keep the bike’s attitude where you previously had to say it whether you were riding solo, two-up or carrying luggage. Road (softer) or Dynamic (firmer) damping may be chosen, with a noticeable difference between the two. Dynamic ESA is a £775 add-on that comes standard on the Exclusive model or as part of the Premium Pack.

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