Yamaha introduces the YB125Z motorcycle in Pakistan, priced at Rs. 115,900

Yamaha Motors brings another model to Pakistan after two years, the Yamaha YB125Z, following the success of the YBR series. The bike was unveiled today in Lahore at an exhibition. Yamaha hopes that by introducing the new YB125Z, it will be able to challenge the dominance of Chinese motorcycle manufacturers as well as competing for Japanese brands such as Honda in the Pakistani market.

Mr. Shigeru Ishikawa, Managing Director of Yamaha Motor Pakistan, highlighted the YB125Z and its features during the launch event.

He also mentioned that Yamaha Pakistan aims to sell 100,000 units in the next few years, and the YB125Z will play a key role in achieving that goal. Pakistan has the world’s fifth-largest motorcycle industry. Yamaha Motors Pakistan has over 200 distribution outlets and 500 after-sales shops to meet the needs of local customers.

Yamaha with a New Beginning

With the support of an engine balancer, the new model of the Yamaha bike has longer and wider seats and is specifically built for less vibrations. The meter includes a gear count, which may seem to be an unnecessary novelty, but it will be useful for new motorcycle riders. The YB125Z also has a self-starting mechanism and a strong halogen headlight. The latest models will be available in the market from mid-April, according to Yamaha representatives, and will cost PKR 115,900 in Pakistan.

A Fresh Start
The new YB125Z has incredible features, beginning with a wider seat that is designed specifically for pillion riding, as well as an engine balancer to reduce vibrations. Not only that, but it also comes with new and improved halogen headlights and a self-starting system for all riders. There are several other features that the bike has to sell.

The Exclusive New TVC “Ride The Real”
The new bike has also been unveiled, along with a brand-new TV commercial. It emphasizes the main features that make the latest YB125Z so appealing.

There are some disadvantages to the DX as well; Yamaha is lacking some simple features that should have been included from the start; features like the kill switch and dipper are not expensive but have a significant impact in the motorcycle world; getting those two will be the icing on the cake.

Overall, I choose the YB125Z DX because it is currently the best value-for-money motorcycle in Pakistan, with all of the high-quality features and a premium build quality!

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