Price of Suzuki Gixxer 150cc in Pakistan in 2021

Suzuki Gixxer 150cc Price in Pakistan 2021 is a street sportbike that is about to be released in Pakistan. With its new advanced Rear Disc-Brake, the Suzuki Gixxer 150cc promises a truly fantastic, more stable, and more assured riding experience on any lane. In reality, it comes with a slew of world-class features that will make your rides even more thrilling.

Suzuki Gixxer 150cc Price in Pakistan 2021 has been released, and if we talk about the overall look, they are really appealing, and people would want to purchase this vehicle after seeing it for the first time. The bike’s capacity is 155cc, and it is four-stroke with one cylinder, according to official records.

For the benefit of those who are looking for the top speed sop, which is 132 kilometers per hour, one of the fastest speeds in bikes. Suzuki Gixxer, on the other hand, has a premium appearance. The fairing has been engineered to provide the rider with optimum wind safety while reducing turbulence and drag, resulting in increased aerodynamic performance.It has a five-speed gearbox that delivers outstanding running performance, with large low-end torque and versatile mid-range power for good acceleration, providing riders with an exciting and superb ride.

Suzuki Gixxer Models Other Suzuki Gixxer Models

Some Suzuki Gixxer bike variants have been released in Pakistan so far, as seen in the table below, and people can get more information from this page. Other Suzuki Gixxer models are in the works and will hopefully be announced this year.

Suzuki Gixxer features

  • an elegant style with appealing graphics.
  • Shocks that are both strong and absorbent
  • Lovely headlights and taillights
  • Kick starter/electric starter
  • Front disc brakes are efficient.
  • Elegant style with a sporty vibe
  • Graphics that are up to date and appealing.
  • With cutting-edge technology
  • New chain guardian
  • A speedometer that is both stylish and interactive.

Suzuki Gixxer SF with No Markup on Installment

For those who prefer faired motorcycles to anything else, the Suzuki 150 Gixxer SF remains one of the most appealing choices. For the amount of power it provides, the Suzuki Gixxer SF is no longer affordable. However, there is no direct competitor for a fully-faired 150cc bike in this price range, so it remains a unique proposition.

The Suzuki Gixxer SF is powered by a single-cylinder 154.9cc engine that produces 14.6 BHP at 8000 RPM and 14nm at 6000 RPM. The engine is available in a fuel-injected configuration and is mated to a 5-speed gearbox. LED taillights, an all-digital instrument cluster, single-channel ABS, twin-port exhaust, and front and rear disc brakes are all standards on the Suzuki Gixxer SF.

Suzuki Gixxer 150 Price in Pakistan: 

This bike costs PKR 579,000 in Pakistan, and it comes with some incredibly impressive specifications and features, not to mention the fact that it’s a sports bike.

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