BMW Heavy Bike R18 Heritage 2021

BMW Heavy Bike R18 Heritage 2021

The R18 cruiser bike is BMW’s second attempt at getting into the cruiser market. It’s been circulating in the market for almost 18 months with a variety of customs from manufacturers around the world. The production version is now available on the market.
The R18 is a piece of perfection by BMW and has outshined the concepts and sketches. Furthermore, the black and chrome finish on the fuel tank looks stunning. The massive fuel tank is fitted on a huge 1,800cc engine to power this bike.


Neatline and perfect curves roll eyes over the entire motorcycle’s shape and architecture. Nearly every detailing is worth watching. The double-cradle frame’s backbone suits the swingarm triangle, emulating a hardtail. Cables and wires are tucked inside the body of the motorcycle.
The shape of the engine is uncluttered-throttle bodies, starter motor, sensors integration, and ignition wires are all invisible through outer look. There is bright and smooth chrome on the pipes and cylinder head covering. But, not so much divert focus from the classically black-shaped R18.

Parts and Cylinders

To be successful in the market, BMW designed the model with ease of customization. It could also fit the parts available on the market. Therefore, many of the parts of American cruisers are interchangeable with this R18’s parts. This strategic decision opened up the marketplace for buyers looking to change the look of a German cruiser with an American cruiser.
The R18 bike is the largest boxer twin ever designed and manufactured by BMW. The engine is 21.5 inches tall and 24.75 inches long. The watermelon-sized air and oil cooling cylinders and four-valve heads punch out of the dimensions. In viewing the bike from the front, BMW’s propeller logo shines out, and a duo of chromed tubes sits within the black cooling fins of each cylinder that provides a path for the aluminum pushrods actuated by dual camshafts.

Flywheel Effect-Riding

Three bearings support the longitudinally mounted crankshaft. First in between the cylinders which increases the offset between cylinders. It is only greater due to the wider separation of the joining effect of the rods by the center bearing. Moreover, the strong flywheel effect amplifies the R18’s cruiser feel. There is no sort of balance shaft in this engine. It is only because the engineers of BMW want riders to feel the flywheel effect and a strong engine pulse.

Revolution per minute

Vibrations are prominent when the R18 is about to cross 3500 rpm and continuing through 4500 rpm. Whereas, the engine is a buzz-bomb in this 1000 revolution per minute range. Mirrors turn blurry, fingers fizz, and the lower portion of the body starts tingling.
Thankfully, at 80 mph the availability of the sixth gear suppresses the vibration and the engine can reach the full potential without having constant vibrations. The vibrations will only be faced when shifting gears.
The R18 bike shows 91 horsepower at 4750 RPM and the torque is around 116 Lbs-ft. This bike has a seating space of 27.2 inches and the wheel diameter is 16 inches.


The base model of BMW R18 2021 heritage comes for $17,498. Whereas, the modified and limited edition of this bike costs almost $19,870. There is a huge price difference between the base and limited edition models.

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