BMW C 400 GT Review City Drive

The German brand started with the scooter segment, with its legendary C1 hood with 125cc and 200cc engines, which revolutionized urban travel at the beginning of this century. Now it is back on the market with the 400 series and the veritable BMW C 400 GT version.

The next step after the legendary C1 is the C 600/650 series. The maxiscooters get better and better, adding its electric reference C-Evolution. Now, BMW has returned to the scooter world and set its sights on this city, but upholding the “maxi” spirit and GT version, it meets all the travel needs of the city and the entire city.

We already showed you our impressions at the global exhibition of C 400 X last year. During the 2018 EICMA celebration in Milan, BMW added a second edition to the C 400 GT. Compared with X, the acronym Gran Turismo has unique dimensions and unique conditions, so the brand already has a double catalog of 400 and 650 variants.

In the words of BMW’s new executive director Markus Schramm (Markus Schramm), the German brand will not integrate into the 125 scooter segment for users of verified car licenses but will use this strategy. Leave them for future electric models. In this way, the C 400 series became BMW’s “smallest” scooter, and among them, the GT became the “largest” scooter.

What is BMW C 400 GT

The basic configuration of the new BMW C 400 GT is obviously based on the C 400X. They share a propeller and a circulation component, a 350 cc single-cylinder and horizontal cylinder, which can provide a maximum power of 34 CV at 7,500 pm. Fuel consumption is 3,5 l./100 km, stroke is about 300 km, inserted into a tubular steel chassis, equipped with a conventional 35 mm telescopic fork, a set of double rear shock absorbers, with metal hoses and radial anchoring The brake of the front caliper. The combination of 15 “front and 14” rear rims demonstrates its maximum “maximum” operating conditions. The equipment emphasizes ASC traction control, 12v connection, and storage of the “flex case” system, which can maintain full capacity when standing The face helmet (plus a nozzle) always maintains the front area), and is equipped with ceremonial lights, proximity keys, 100% LED lighting, and a combination of bracket and center bracket.

As usual, the options and accessories package is very rich, highlighting the 6.5-inch color TFT screen and Pro on-board computer to take full advantage of the connectivity functions (calls, music…) provided by the BMW Motorrad Connected App through the mobile phone or through a browser Functions or the application itself for vehicle and travel information, not to mention higher screens, luggage racks, suitcases of different sizes, smartphone holders, low seats, dual USB sockets, anti-theft alarms, heated seats and handles… …In short, it turned into a “super” C 400 GT.

The BMW C 400 GT can now be purchased at official BMW dealerships at a price of 7,950 euros, has a three-year warranty, and is available in three colors: white, gray, or black.

How does the BMW C 400 GT perform

Compared to its brother C 400 X, the appearance changes are obvious. The BMW C 400 GT is equipped with a higher screen (it has no height adjustment), and its protective cover is also excellent. The backrest is GT-specific (with logo effect), coupled with the larger surface of the platform and slightly fixed handlebars, which makes useful space and makes it a more comfortable choice. Their front and rear optical designs are also different, only in the case of 100% LED GT, and on the lines of the front fender and rear area.

It has two large glove boxes, and in the area below the center of the handlebar, there is a button to open the seat. When stationary, it is very easy to maneuver forward or backward, especially because of the wide grooves on the platform so that it can easily reach the ground. In addition, there are only 775 mm high seats. The front area of ​​the platform is much wider than the area at X, so it is very easy to put your feet in a “custom” position.

Starting from the proximity button is a luxury. All you need to do is press the center button and then press the red start button on the pineapple on the right. In standard instruments, the screen is designed to avoid reflections. The analog speedometer and LCD display are illuminated in orange, and 8 bars are used to display fuel level, distance traveled, remaining distance, and outside temperature. Our unit can choose a color TFT screen with a very spectacular welcome agreement. We select the “City” option and display the tachometer in a larger size by activating its “mouse” type system (also optional), and stretch it for a few seconds in an idle state.

Its operation is very smooth, the gas has a pleasant response when switching, and the gearbox also has a pleasant development. Compared with its competitors’ 300-400 cc competitors, it does not show amazing acceleration, but the quality it conveys is unquestionable and can even exceed its C 650 benchmark. Between 5,000 and 6,000 pm, the latter reaches the maximum torque data, which gives you an extra boost, its GT clarity is amazing, and it never produces any vibration. The design of the engine-rear rocker arm anchoring system to the rest of the chassis is completed by a bracket that is highly researched on rubber and elasticity.

It is very comfortable when riding at a speed of about 100 km/h, sitting comfortably in a wide space, and its screen protection is higher than X. Since it can position itself at will, it is recommended that you drive slowly in more places in the city. “Active”, no matter the size, will respond naturally under these conditions, which is more significant for external views than one-time. The steering radius of the handlebar and the field of view of the rearview mirror are correct. Another detail worth mentioning is its brakes. Its size is moderate, but one thing that deserves praise is the touch and gradualness. The Bybre, a device with four front pistons radially equipped with calipers, combined with a single rear piston of the same brand (the Indian subsidiary of Brembo, Italy), performs well at any speed. Its ABS is signed by Continental Airlines.

Stable on fast roads, it allows unlimited inclination angles without rubbing anything on the asphalt. In this way, you can explore the sporting advantages of the Pirelli Diablo scooter as standard equipment. The confidence it gives you is huge.

For passengers, the handle is larger than the C 400 X. The space reserved for this is very spacious, and a separate platform has been added to the pilot’s platform to make both more comfortable.

After arriving at the destination, it is easy to lift it up on its central support without excessive effort. On the other hand, deploying the stent requires some time to adapt, because it is somewhat concealed for the left foot. We missed a standard USB jack and a parking brake, which is 8kg higher than the C 400 X on a 212-pound moped, which is insignificant. We leave the full-face helmet on the seat by deploying the “flex case” system, which is still exclusive among its competitors, head, and adds space for jet aircraft, if not, we can store other objects in it. In this way, the scooter will complete your day’s work, from your travel in the most crowded city center to the passable road or ring road, integrate it into the concept of “urban travel”, and understand all about the city. Ways will be useful.


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